A SSL Certificate having a URL with https gives the page security coverage in the form of encryption and not let any information exposed to other groups online. It also very much efficient to secure any confidential information related to the site and the customer like credit card number. SSL Certificate makes sure that any information of exchange or purchases by the Credit card is encrypted and secure.

    The strong positive aspect of an SSL Certificate is to gain the confidence of the customer. The customers can do the business through these sites without fear and any confidential information of their accounts being leaked to other party. The visitors, prospects, and customers will always be worried and desperate that their information is not being leaked and well secure from the reach of unauthorized person. You can emphasize to the customers concern that their information is safe and thus making it a punch line of your business. You can also explain to the customers that SSL Certificates is formed of 256-bit encryption and 99% browser recognition, and so they should have strong belief in their business process.

    The SSL Certificates assures the customers that they dropped in secure shopping environment and they are not going to lose their confidential information to the third party. This also generates the customer’s belief on your company and the customers will always use your business process for any new purchases. There are several categories of SSL Certificates - low assurance and high assurance depending upon the intensity of risk your business has. You should have the different number of SSL Certificates for the key pages being used by the customers and install SSL Certificates for each one. When the customer signs into your website the padlock appears in the browser bar. This projects a good impression in the customers mind about your company.

    The SSL Certificates is driven by cryptographic system that has two keys private and public. Private Key is only open to recipient of that mail and public is open to all. So that’s why hackers can not access the information as they have to know the proper key to encrypt the data. The most popular certificate authority in the World Wide Web is Thawte and Verisign. The SSL Certificate also gets worldwide acceptance.

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